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What is Unconscious Bias? Why Does It Matter?

If we were not living in an increasingly diverse world, and if we had not already found that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams, all this hype about the unconscious bias ... Find out more
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Bring Mindfulness to Work

Internal distractions come in the form of stray thoughts, emotional upheavals and daydreaming. You can learn to be more mindful and more observant of your emotions. This will help you ... Find out more
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“How To” Increase Your Learning

This month I’ve put together a round-up of practical “how to” articles. Internet usage is way up, including blog readership. Many people are taking advantage of this time for learning ... Find out more

How to Boost Your Immune System

As you know, I read, watch, and listen to the most credible sources I can find about our brains. Last week I shared insights on coping with the anxiety that ... Find out more
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Staying Mentally Healthy in a COVID-19 World

How to manage your mental health in this crisis, by Dayna Lee-Baggley, Ph.D. (published with permission) If you’re feeling anxious or stressed about COVID-19, please know that your reaction is ... Find out more
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Strive for Excellence, Not for Perfection

Recently I taught a course called Excellence: When Perfect Is Not Good Enough. Here are some of the behaviours the participants wanted to develop: To accept my mistakes To let ... Find out more
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Use Tiny Habits to Reach Your Goals

This is the time of year that we think about habits we want to change. We know the recipe – set a challenging goal, give yourself a “done by” date, ... Find out more
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I am Proud of My Scatterbrain

I have just finished reading Scatterbrain: How the Mind’s Mistakes Make Humans Creative, Innovative, and Successful by neuroscientist Henning Beck. Now I feel much better about my scatterbrain. Here is what ... Find out more

PURRRR Your Way to Productivity

Procrastinators want to find a way to nudge, push, or force themselves to stop the delays. They want to get the things they really want to do, done in a ... Find out more

Learning Agility

Many people complain that they have a “poor memory”, but only when they forget something. You have a fantastic long-term memory, and an effective immediate and short-term memory, but it ... Find out more
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Socializing Smarts for Your Brain

This month I have spent some time exploring the value of our social connections in keeping our brains and bodies healthy. To my great surprise, I found that exercise, healthy ... Find out more
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Eating Smarts for Your Brain, Your Heart, and Your Gut

Recently I watched an A Passionate Eye episode on CBC called ‘How to Stay Younger’. There are now blood tests which, by measuring the damage to your DNA, can calibrate ... Find out more

Resilience Smarts: How to Handle Stress

Most of us prefer to make some extra effort to keep our brains and bodies in good shape so we can have enjoyable and rewarding lives during our 70’s, 80’s ... Find out more
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Sleep Smarts: How to Sleep Well Every Night

Imagine waking up in a pool of blood, with a cut needing five stitches and a broken cheekbone. That is what happened to Arianna Huffington when she collapsed, hitting her ... Find out more
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Exercise Smarts

While working on this article, I have become excited again about the amazing research which shows over and over again the profound effect regular exercise has on our brains. As ... Find out more
Outsmarting Dementia

Outsmarting Dementia

Hands up if you have ever worried about getting Alzheimer’s. You cannot do anything about getting older every day, but you can seriously reduce your risk factors for all forms ... Find out more

A Grinch with a Grudge

Just like the Grinch, sometimes our hearts shrink a little as Christmas looms. Let’s reduce some holiday stresses this year. Forget about creating a “perfect” Christmas. Striving for perfection often ... Find out more

Sleep… Chief Nourisher in Life’s Feast (Shakespeare)

If you are sleeping for less than seven hours for three nights or more every week, you are probably sleep deprived. Care of family members, long working hours, or an ... Find out more

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Cut out looking bright screens early in the evening. Children in the developed world are spending more half of their waking lives looking at a screen. Persuade your whole family to ... Find out more
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Is it Crazy in Your Workplace?

By crazy, I mean even though you and your co-workers were hired for your brains, the conditions at work make it very difficult for your brains to be productive. Do ... Find out more

What Is the Difference Between Emotions and Feelings?

I have been listening on CBC to people calling in to talk about their experiences with tornadoes and other frightening weather events. Those who had experienced such an event some ... Find out more
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Reduce the Distraction of Worry When Working

Have you ever found yourself trying to get some work done when something is worrying you? Often you get caught in a loop of “worry a little, work a little, ... Find out more

Boost Your Creativity and Reduce Your Stress

Question: Would you like to improve your creativity, your productivity, and your accuracy at work while at the same time reducing your stress level? Answer: Stop multitasking. Neuroscientists have known for years ... Find out more
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Is the Internet Messing with Your Brain?

How many hours per day do you spend looking at a screen? To understand how much that matters to your brain, and even more importantly to your children’s brains, please ... Find out more

Boost Your Success by Asking for Feedback

When you received your last performance review, did you feel threatened… or motivated? If feedback could be provided without triggering the threat response, it could occur far more often. That’s ... Find out more

“Can I see you in my office please?”

“Can I see you in my office please?” Most of us would experience a sinking feeling if we heard those words from our manager. That sinking feeling actually comes from our ... Find out more

A Budget for Your Brain

As we head into one of the busiest and often the most stressful months of the year, you might want to consider creating a budget for your brain which will ... Find out more

Changing a Lifetime Habit

I have decided to change a lifetime habit which has cost me, and continues to cost me, thousands and thousands of dollars. This habit allows me to believe that the ... Find out more

How ‘Leaning In’ Can Lead Us All To A Better World

Thirty years ago women achieved a form of equality, at least in simple numerical terms: they became more than 50% of the college graduates in the developed world. But 30 ... Find out more

Grow Your Influencing Skills with SCARF

If you want to be a better influencer – a better manager, colleague, partner or parent – a good starting point would be to study SCARF. SCARF stands for Status, ... Find out more

Surprise: I Can Learn to Speak French

Recently I talked about how to make learning stick, which got me thinking about my own learning. At the same time, I realized from studying a growth mindset vs. a ... Find out more

How to Make Learning Stick

Anybody at work is well aware of the constant need to learn new information and new skills. But our ability to make that learning stick is held back by a ... Find out more

Get Your Grudge to Budge

Does somebody’s behaviour really annoy you and leave you feeling resentful? Would you like to get rid of this particular stressor in your life? “Resentment is like taking poison and ... Find out more

Working with Your Memory to Find a Lost Item

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a misplaced item. The pressure to find it increases exponentially when it is something really important – like a passport. Stop ... Find out more

Good News for Modern Brains

Before birth, a baby has learned to recognize its mother’s heartbeat. Some babies have learned how to suck their thumbs. At birth, the brain is fully present but not wired ... Find out more

Rap for Growth

I am excited to attend the NeuroLeadership Summit in New York. Neuroscientists who are interested in the applying brain research to the workplace plus leaders in the Fortune 1000 companies ... Find out more

Musical Memories Ease Dementia

Do you worry about getting dementia? I do. It is one of the reasons I am so interested in getting and keeping my brain as healthy as possible. Not only ... Find out more

Have Supportive, Collaborative Relationships

This month we’ve gathered together a list of past articles which include advice and tips for improving the relationships you have at work with colleagues, managers, subordinates and customers. Please ... Find out more

Why Your Brain Hates Performance Appraisals

According to this Harvard Business Review article, being ranked at work, either as individuals or as teams, provokes our brains into a “fight or flight” response. This response overrides our ... Find out more

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Do you have a more fixed or a more growth mindset? I love the idea of having a growth mindset. It ties in with everything I know about our amazing ... Find out more

Working with the Goldilocks in Your Brain

David Rock’s book, Your Brain at Work, is a great read. Until you have a chance to read it yourself, here are some key points from it. Prioritize. Your prefrontal ... Find out more

Your Gut has a Brain

We have been hearing a lot about the importance of our gut bacteria these days, so I was very interested to read The Diet Myth by Tim Spector. I heard ... Find out more

Power Up Your Brain with Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a technique that helps you to work more efficiently with both sides of your brain. Even though we read, talk, and write in a sequential and linear ... Find out more

Unlocking a Frozen Brain

Have you ever felt that changing your unhelpful thinking, or changing an unproductive habit is just too hard? This story might encourage you to challenge those beliefs and change your ... Find out more

Alternative to Worry and Anger

The limbic system is the seat of our emotions. Since the days when we lived in caves, the speed and power of our emotions has kept the human race alive. ... Find out more

Resist Distraction

It takes a lot of energy to stop yourself from following a distraction. Yet it’s better to stop yourself early, quickly, and often before the distraction takes over. For example, ... Find out more

What You Say to Yourself, You Believe

Now let’s consider the relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind. With your conscious mind, you’re constantly thinking and talking to yourself. Your conscious mind monitors all incoming information through ... Find out more

Enhance Your Developmental Intelligence by Working with your Memory

Whether you want to improve your ability to remember names or to learn another language, improve your knowledge of a certain subject or learn to play a musical instrument, the ... Find out more

Make Routine Tasks More Engaging

Our lives can’t always be a series of engaging activities, but we can turn even mundane maintenance activities into interesting challenges. For instance, I used to intensely dislike grocery shopping ... Find out more

Three Levels of Listening

Level 1: Active listening At this level, listeners refrain from judging the speaker and attempt to understand things from his or her point of view. Some characteristics of this level ... Find out more

The Difference between Happiness and Pleasure

an excerpt from Get More Power from your Brain  Pleasure means enjoying something that comes from outside of ourselves, like taking pleasure in eating, having a massage, or smelling a ... Find out more

Learning to Work with Your Brain

an excerpt from Get More Power from your Brain Most of us at work today are paid to think, but how often have you had instruction that would help you ... Find out more

Your Brain Loves Patterns and Routines

an excerpt from Get More Power from your Brain The nearly 86 billion neurons in our brains connect with each other through dendrites, which are like many long, skinny fingers ... Find out more

Make Friends with Your Brain

Want to be more effective at work, and have more fun at home? Just make friends with your brain. Get to know you brain a little better. Stop taking it ... Find out more

Are you Addicted to your Phone?

When you hear the sound of a text message on your phone, do you automatically reach for and look at the screen? Does your teenager do the same thing? Could ... Find out more

I Never Procrastinate

…on what I want to do now, like eat a piece of chocolate, read a good book, or wander around the internet. Procrastination is the gap between intention and action: ... Find out more

Sculpt Your Brain

From my reading about brains and minds, I have become convinced that we can compensate for many weaknesses in our own brains by deliberately stimulating the weak part of the ... Find out more

Build and Condition Your Brain

If you were offered a pill that could do the following for your brain… Increase the growth of brain cells in your memory centre (hippocampus) Improve blood flow and nutrition ... Find out more

Disputing Your Irrational Thoughts

That *** makes me so mad!! It feels as if ***’s behaviour instantaneously makes us angry, but really it is our own thinking that is making us that way. When ... Find out more

Am I at Risk for Alzheimer’s?

Joan and Shirley don’t know each other, but they’d enjoyed similar careers. Each was a well-respected accountant who became Chief Financial Officer of her organization. After years of demanding work, ... Find out more

Wired and Tired

There is growing evidence that when we play video games, or even just surf the internet for engaging information, we trigger the fight or flight stress response in our brains. ... Find out more

Are You Sabotaging Your Best Intentions?

“Self-Control is not a problem in the future, it is only a problem now.” – Shlomo Benartzi According to eminent psychologist Daniel Kahneman, we each have two selves. There’s the ... Find out more

Scarcity: Why Having so Much Means so Little

How is it that we can be so smart in many ways, and yet some of us can’t manage our time? How come others are smart in different ways, but ... Find out more

Wired for Easy Answers

Good decisions take time. Daniel Kahneman demonstrates that we have two systems of thinking: System 1 is what he calls ‘thinking fast’. It represents intuition, and engages us three seconds ... Find out more

Read Faster, Remember Longer: Technique

We see and we think very rapidly, much faster than we can talk. Have you ever been in (or narrowly avoided) an accident? Do you remember how much thinking went ... Find out more

Strengthen your Willpower

The best way to reduce stress in your life is to stop screwing up. That’s the conclusion of Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney in their book Willpower – Rediscovering ... Find out more

How to Remember Names

Here is a mnemonic – a memory technique – to help you remember names. You need to pay attention to the sound of the name as the person is being ... Find out more

Attention, Interest, Repetition, and Organization

Whether you want to improve your ability to remember names or to learn another language, improve your knowledge of a certain subject or to play a musical instrument, the following ... Find out more

Train Your Brain to Get the Important Things Done

First you need to understand how to harness and direct your fantastic brainpower. Your pre-frontal cortex (just behind your forehead) is where all your big thinking happens. It is often ... Find out more

Perfectionism is Unhealthy and a Waste of Time

According to Dr. Gordon Flett of York University who has specialized in studying perfectionism and anxiety, “Perfectionism is the need to be, or to appear to be, perfect.” He has ... Find out more

Mistakes were Made (but not by me)

This is the title of an excellent book by Carol Travis and Elliot Aronson which I highly recommend you read. But until you get the time to do that, here are some ... Find out more

Depression at Work: How you can help

What do you do when a good, hard-working employee gradually becomes less productive, makes more mistakes, seems withdrawn and anxious but denies that anything is wrong? These and other behaviours ... Find out more

Can You Teach an Adult Brain New Tricks?

For many years, we thought that once you were an adult, your brain was mature and did not change for the rest of your life. Recent research has shown that ... Find out more

Productive Reading – Read Faster and Remember Longer

If you are like most people, you read more slowly than you can think. Since a piece of writing is actually slowing down your thought process, you will tend to ... Find out more

Get More Power From Your Brain

If you are 35 or older, you have had at least one moment when you cannot remember something you know well. At first, we laugh it off as a signal ... Find out more

Tune Up Your Memory

Have you ever thought that you could be using your memory more effectively? Lots of people complain that they have a poor memory, that their memory doesn’t work as well ... Find out more

First Break All The Rules – What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

After examining the answers from one million employees and eighty thousand managers, the authors of this book distilled out some fascinating and important information from 25 years’ worth of research ... Find out more

Concentration at Work versus Mind Wandering

I heard an interesting discussion on CBC radio last Saturday. Dr. Judson Brewer was being interviewed about his study which showed that experienced meditators have a much more developed ability to ... Find out more

Greater Brain Power Skills Defeat Procrastination

Fear and doubt are what’s actually causing us to procrastinate most of the time, so to alter that habit we need to look into what’s causing our fear and doubt. ... Find out more

I’m Right, You’re Wrong

“I’m right – you’re wrong!” Although we would rarely, if ever, make that bold statement out loud, we often act as if we believe that our interpretation of a situation ... Find out more

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