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When Perfect is Not Good Enough

People who are perfectionistic have unrealistically high expectations for their own work. They take little joy in their accomplishments thinking their results are never quite good enough. This means that ... Find out more

Stress: Take a Problem Solving Approach

Stress management is a vital contributor to enhancing work performance, reducing interpersonal friction, diminishing mood swings, and ultimately achieving an increased sense of personal control. The first step in coping ... Find out more
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Productive Reading & Memory Techniques

Would you like to concentrate fully on what you are reading and remember the key information clearly? At work today, the constant, sometimes overwhelming, flow of printed information requires specific ... Find out more

Mental Health at Work

Learn what you can do to protect your own mental health at work. And how you could support a co-worker who may be dealing with an episode of mental illness. ... Find out more

Learn Faster and Remember Longer

Learning fast and retaining new information is crucial now. Our “new normal” is uncertainty and fast adaption to change. Our clever brains are easily bored and distracted. Learn to use ... Find out more

Foster a Growth Mindset

Why are Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, GAP, Microsoft, NASA, Sears, and 55 of the Fortune 1000 companies all fostering a growth mindset? Because now their employees worry less about looking clever ... Find out more

Enhance Your Brain Power at Work

Our minds – how we regulate the flow of energy and information – can actually improve our brains. This course is based on rigorous science and will help you become ... Find out more

Create Maximum Focus in Turbulent Times

Due to the pandemic, we are all coping with frequent interruptions and constantly changing expectations. We are tired, stressed, and easily distracted. Trying to think of too many things at ... Find out more
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Harness Anxiety to Energize Productivity

Harness the energy of your COVID-19 anxiety and turn it into productive work. The brain’s protective response to constant bad news leaves the energy buried inside us. Then we can ... Find out more

Interpersonal Skills

Explore Our Unconscious Biases at Work

This workshop explores the challenges of working with people of diverse backgrounds. It empowers you to approach intercultural situations with knowledge, skills, and a positive attitude. We all have unconscious ... Find out more

Dealing with Difficult People

What makes it possible to deal with difficult people at all is that, like everybody else, they have positive responses in their repertoire. You can learn how to bring out ... Find out more
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Build Your Rational Thinking Skills

Whenever you find yourself feeling stressed and caught in a negative thinking loop, you have been told to think positively. But when you try to think positively, the negative thoughts ... Find out more

Active Listening for Potential

The greatest challenge to listening well is the fact that your mind works several times faster than a speaker speaks. You need a technique to quiet your tendency to listen ... Find out more

Writing Skills

Writing Effective Briefing Notes & Reports

Briefing notes and reports are the main means for staff to communicate and coordinate with executives and elected officials. Their high volume requires that they be concise, to the point, and ... Find out more
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Write with Poise: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

If your writing contains grammatical and spelling errors, your reputation is damaged. When so many people now proofread their own writing, you can quickly go to the head of the ... Find out more
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Write with Confidence for Managers & Professionals

Clear writing is critical for anybody at work today. Communications with clients, colleagues, authorities, and other professionals must accurately and precisely convey the required information. Studies show many people spend ... Find out more

Write to Convince: Effective Persuasion and Proposal Writing

To write persuasively is to move readers to action. This requires a strategic approach, particularly when you’re creating complex documents, such as formal proposals. Focusing on excellent examples of persuasive ... Find out more
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Producing Accurate Minutes and Meeting Notes

Nobody wants to take minutes or notes at a meeting but everyone wants to have them. Minutes serve a number of very useful functions. They act as a formal record ... Find out more

E-mail Etiquette: Create the Right Tone and Get the Results You Want

The disembodied world of e-communications is fraught with potential misunderstanding. It’s all too easy to thumb off a quick message on your smartphone that unwittingly offends the recipient with a blunt ... Find out more