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You hire the best brains. We help them grow smarter and more resilient.

Our training stimulates long term positive change.

Help people improve faster! Your people need to build mental resilience to cope with workplace pressure – so they can thrive in a continuous learning environment. Maximize how individuals think by helping them understand how their brain works. Organizations that use these powerful learning techniques are rewarded with lasting positive change.

You can:

  • Develop people faster
  • Transition leaders better
  • Transform your culture

Twenty years of study proves it! A culture which promotes a growth mindset has a powerful impact on individuals' performance, learning, engagement, thinking skills, and leadership. Simply put, your people improve faster!

We understand how the brain and thought processes work. We can't wait to share this insightful knowledge with your organization.

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Bonnie Boyd-Read, Campaign Director, United Way

Last year's ADO's were unanimous in their praise of your teaching and your facilitation skills.


Jennifer Brown, ATB Financial

It’s rare that I attend a course where I don’t even think about how much time is left.


Wayne Adams, Warrant Officer, Canadian Armed Forces

I used your name-remembering tools to get to know a lot of the 90 people on course.

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Harness Anxiety to Energize Productivity

During the current COVID-19 crisis, it is normal to feel increased anxiety. This is our ancient brain’s protective response to the constant bad news. But until we know how to ... Read more

Create Maximum Focus in Turbulent Times

Because we are all coping with heightened anxiety due to the pandemic, we are irritable, tired, and easily distracted. One thing that really affects our concentration very quickly, is trying ... Read more

Training Programs

Enhance Your Brain Power at Work

Protect Your Investment in Yourself – Develop a Powerful Mindset You have spent years building your education, your professional designations, and your experience. Now is the time to develop a ... Read more

Read Productively and Remember Longer

At work today, the constant, sometimes overwhelming, flow of printed information requires specific techniques and skills. This course teaches you to concentrate fully on what you are reading at work ... Read more

Mental Health at Work

In January 2013, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), part of Health Canada, officially released Canada’s first national standard designed to help organizations and their employees improve workplace psychological ... Read more

Build Your Rational Thinking Skills

Many of us live hectic lives that leave us too busy, too tired, or too late to take care of ourselves. We risk finally retiring with our bodies in such ... Read more

Get and Give Effective Feedback

• Practice asking for specific feedback and teach others how to do it • Make continuous conversations about performance the “new normal”. • Use the SCARF model to reduce the ... Read more

Delegate: Share the Load and Develop Your People

• Use five key questions to help identify what and when to delegate • Set concrete goals and create action plans to reach performance targets • Use accurate, specific language ... Read more

Foster a Growth Mindset

Why are Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, GAP, Microsoft, NASA, Sears, and 55 of the Fortune 1000 companies all fostering a growth mindset? Because now their employees worry less about looking clever ... Read more

Listen Actively for Potential

The greatest challenge to listening well is the fact that your mind works several times faster than a speaker speaks. You need a technique to quiet your immediate tendency to ... Read more

Dealing with Difficult People

Most of us encounter unreasonable people in our lives. We may be “stuck” with a difficult individual at work or in our community. It’s easy to let an exasperating person ... Read more

Stress – Develop Your Resilience

Research shows that stress management is a vital contributor to enhancing work performance, reducing interpersonal friction, diminishing mood swings, and ultimately to achieving an increased sense of personal control. The ... Read more

When Perfect is Not Good Enough

• Use a checklist to uncover where you tend to be perfectionistic • Recognize the drawbacks of having unrealistically high expectations • Turn your internal bully into your cheerleader • ... Read more

Writing Courses

Writing Effective Reports and Proposals

The ability to write an informative and engaging report or proposal is an essential and specialized skill.  It is recommended that participants come to the session with a report or ... Read more

Writing Effective Briefing Notes/Reports

Briefing notes and reports are the main means for staff to communicate and coordinate with executives and elected officials. Their high volume requires that they be concise and to the ... Read more

Write with Confidence for Managers and Professionals

Studies show many managers spend up to three hours a day producing documentation. This includes technical statements, special reports, opinions, emails, work-paper review comments, on-line forms and other communications. This ... Read more

E-mail Etiquette: Create the Right Tone and Get the Results You Want

Learn how to strike the right tone in e-mails so that your recipient understands you and gives you the information you need. Program content: • How to clarify the response ... Read more

Write with Poise – Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

If your writing contains grammatical and spelling errors, your reputation is damaged. When so many people now proofread their own writing, you can quickly go to the head of the ... Read more

Producing Accurate Minutes and Meeting Notes

Nobody wants to take minutes or notes at a meeting, but everyone wants to have them. Minutes serve a number of very useful functions. They act as a formal record ... Read more