Stress: Take a Problem-Solving Approach

Eileen Pease
Instructor: Eileen Pease

Stress management is a vital contributor to enhancing work performance, reducing interpersonal friction, diminishing mood swings, and ultimately achieving an increased sense of personal control. The first step in coping with stress is to fully understand what it is all about. You can begin to handle your challenges more comfortably when you are armed with sound information and practical advice.

This workshop is based on the premise that you can learn to understand your own response to the particular stressors in your life. You can develop a problem-solving approach that will help you reduce the negative impact, and increase the positive impact of these stressors.

Participants take an active role in learning how to implement problem-solving strategies, both on the job and at home.

Program Content

  • Use a problem-solving approach to find solutions to your unpleasant stress
  • Recognize what has and has not worked for you
  • Learn to control worry and fear
  • Understand that procrastination multiplies your stress and develop a “do it now” approach
  • Appreciate how you deplete your willpower and give in to temptation
  • Identify the negative coping methods you use and substitute positive ones
  • Use some quick and easy stress reduction techniques
  • Build your resilience with powerful coping skills

Who will benefit

This workshop is designed for people at all levels in the organization who would like to learn some new strategies to reduce their unpleasant stress and get more power from their intelligence and experience. This workshop is for people who want to live life fully, moment to moment.



Not knowing how to handle stressors leads to

  • Believing that you can’t help being stressed
  • Ruminating on past mistakes and failures
  • Imagining worst-case scenarios in your future
  • Allowing stressors to dominate your life
  • Using escape techniques to avoid stressors
  • Living with chronic stress


Knowing how to respond to stressors, not the stressors themselves, is the answer to

  • Recognizing thinking habits which increase stress
  • Accepting mistakes as inevitable and a good way to learn
  • Believing that your happy future is highly probable
  • Practising rational thinking to deal with any stressor
  • Getting better and better in dealing with stressors
  • Living with peace and contentment


“Knowledgeable instructor. Course was personalized. Went over recent events in every participant’s life that are causing anxiety and stress. Found strategies and tools to deal with the situation. Stimulating course with lots of practical demonstrations and exercise. The instructor was extremely interesting and the lessons learned via the class exercises were great.”
– Francine Schlessinger, MBA, CA, CPA Ottawa