About 360° Leadership:

Communication is key in every organization. (The LEA 360) has provided the management team with a common language that has become part of our vocabulary. This has helped deliver the corporate message and reduce communication barriers between departments. Two-way communication has improved and therefore key stakeholders have a greater appreciation for their role in the company.

– Paul Theriault, Vice President, NB Power

About Speed Reading:

In the two months immediately following your course I read more books than in the previous two to three years combined. I have been able to maintain my reading speed, with very good comprehension. Your course has been liberating. I am enjoying my reading experiences again.

– John S. Clark, President, Pacific Spirit Investment Management Inc.

About Memory Techniques:

I used your name-remembering tools to get to know a lot of the 90 people on course. After a few days I could address almost anybody by their first name. If you knew me prior, you’d realize that was quite an accomplishment as I have always been very poor with names.

– Wayne Adams, Warrant Officer, Canadian Armed Forces

About Workshops:

It’s rare that I attend a course where I don’t even think about ‘how much time is left’ at least once during the day. The thought never came to me. Even though I’m horribly busy at work right now, I was fully engaged the entire time.

– Jennifer Brown, ATB Financial

About Eileen Pease:

Last year’s ADO’s were unanimous in their praise of your teaching and facilitation skills. Each person felt they learned a great deal and even more importantly, enjoyed the learning process. Your ability to work with diverse groups of people is truly a gift.

– Bonnie Boyd-Read, Campaign Director, Metro Halifax United Way

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