Productive Reading & Memory Techniques

Eileen Pease
Instructor: Eileen Pease

Would you like to concentrate fully on what you are reading and remember the key information clearly? At work today, the constant, sometimes overwhelming, flow of printed information requires specific reading techniques and skills.

By taking this course, you will be able to adjust your speed to suit your purpose in reading and finish it much faster. Before, during, and after reading, you can use efficient Memory Techniques to ensure you have captured the key information in a way that you can understand and remember for as long as you need to.

You will learn how to work more effectively WITH your powerful brain and enhance your thinking, concentration, and memory skills.

Program Content

• Assess the whole document quickly and find the key information you need
• Read Faster and Record Key Word Notes
• Work effectively with your fantastic long-term memory
• Improve your concentration to achieve your purpose
• Adapt the Mind Map technique to work for you
• Take a more effective approach to multitasking
• Read closer to your speed of thinking
• Eliminate your reading backlog and stay current in your profession

Who will Benefit

People who are expected to keep up with a heavy reading load at work and who want to understand and work more effectively with their memories. It is particularly helpful for those who are holding down a job and studying at the same time, or for those who have a backlog of reading material.



Not having Productive Reading techniques leads to:

  • Reading too slowly, leading to mind wandering
  • Trying to remember while reading, to read to understand
  • Overloading then blocking access to your memory
  • Spending hours reading, then forgetting most of it


Having Productive Reading techniques leads to

  • Reading fast to understand, then making key word notes
  • Using a rapid, stepwise approach to professional reading
  • Mind Mapping on one page to remember a whole book
  • Getting full value from your hours of reading


“I am currently taking my taxation course and prior to your course, I would typically spend 20+ hours studying a week with nothing to show but a lack of comprehension and poor notes. Eleven days after taking your course my studying time remains at 20+ hours a week, but I have covered all material (something that I was not able to do before) as well as spending significant time on review questions. I have also started mind mapping my notes, and what a payoff. I feel the biggest improvements are: 1. staying focused while reading (speed up if mind wanders), 2. trusting my capabilities, 3. understanding that the words are only a vehicle to deliver a message, 4. overview/pre-read/read, and 5. mind mapping.”
– Nathan Walsh, Manager Finance, Sobey’s Inc.