Write with Confidence for Managers & Professionals

Clear writing is critical for anybody at work today. Communications with clients, colleagues, authorities, and other professionals must accurately and precisely convey the required information. Studies show many people spend up to three hours a day producing documentation. This includes technical statements, special reports, opinions, emails, proposals, on-line forms, and other communications.

This course will show you how to use plain English to avoid ambiguity. You will increase the quality of your writing while decreasing the time you spend writing. You will learn how to prepare your thoughts and compose them so the reader will understand you perfectly.

Program Content:

  • Understand and use the “Circle of Good Writing”
  • Clarify your objectives
  • Assess your audience
  • Use openings that guide the reader to your core message
  • Apply the “Five Principles of Clarity”
  • Understand the technical writing requirements – quick comprehension, clear navigation, completeness, and accuracy
  • Write so clearly that your reader gets your message quickly and easily

To test their application of the principles on the job, participants may send documents to the workshop leader for review after the course.

Who will Benefit

Those who want to improve their writing skills and display a more intellectual image. Those who want to spend less time writing, but get better results.



Without this course:

  • Not having a systematic approach
  • Many re-writes, but still not satisfied
  • Sentences and paragraphs too long and wordy
  • Core message unclear


After taking this course:

  • Having a logical, easy, systematic approach
  • Able to think, draft, and polish quickly
  • Crisp, clear sentences and precise words
  • Core message obvious and easy to read


“I was not expecting the online course to be enjoyable, but it was fabulous!! A pleasant surprise! I enjoyed it very much!”
“Jon was a great facilitator and his teaching came across very well through the virtual classroom! Very engaging and, in my opinion, was very skilled at teaching this topic! I wouldn’t hesitate to register for any course where he is the facilitator.”

– Evaluations by NS Government Managers & Professionals after taking course June 2020