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Writing Effective Briefing Notes & Reports

Briefing notes and reports are the main means for staff to communicate and coordinate with executives and elected officials. Their high volume requires that they be ...
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Write with Confidence for Managers & Professionals

Clear writing is critical for anybody at work today. Communications with clients, colleagues, authorities, and other professionals must accurately and precisely convey the required information. ...
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Write to Convince: Effective Persuasion and Proposal Writing

To write persuasively is to move readers to action. This requires a strategic approach, particularly when you’re creating complex documents, such as formal proposals. Focusing ...
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Producing Accurate Minutes and Meeting Notes

Nobody wants to take minutes or notes at a meeting but everyone wants to have them. Minutes serve a number of very useful functions. They ...
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E-mail Etiquette: Create the Right Tone and Get the Results You Want

The disembodied world of e-communications is fraught with potential misunderstanding. It’s all too easy to thumb off a quick message on your smartphone that unwittingly offends ...
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