Write to Convince: Effective Persuasion and Proposal Writing

To write persuasively is to move readers to action. This requires a strategic approach, particularly when you’re creating complex documents, such as formal proposals. Focusing on excellent examples of persuasive writing and winning proposals, this course will give you practical strategies that will enable you to use writing to move people to action and to be successful in having your ideas and proposals adopted.

Program Content

  • Understand your target audience
  • Appeal to their wants and needs
  • Develop a clear consistent message
  • Structure material so it flows logically and smoothly
  • Include compelling information
  • Know ideal formats for sales letters, fundraising letters, internal requests, project overviews
  • Develop a persuasive tone
  • Use images and format to best advantage

Who will Benefit

Those who write internal proposals or respond to RFPs. Anyone who wants to improve their persuasive writing skills or who is new to writing proposals.



Not knowing how to Write to Convince:

  • Readers not buying-in to your suggestions
  • Cannot move people to action
  • Rejected proposals and requests


Knowing how to Write to Convince:

  • Able to move people to action
  • Readers agreeing with your suggestions
  • Having proposals and requests approved


“Jon was an excellent facilitator and made this course interesting and fun.”
“I will be referring to the manual for years to come!”
“Relevant to my situation, examples/exercises easily understood. Concepts immediately usable. One of the better courses I have attended in recent years.”

– Evaluations by participants in Construction Association of Nova Scotia course May 2020