Producing Accurate Minutes and Meeting Notes

Nobody wants to take minutes or notes at a meeting but everyone wants to have them. Minutes serve a number of very useful functions. They act as a formal record of what happened at the meeting. They are a reminder to participants of what they decided, and what they are committed to doing. And they are a source of information to those who did not attend.

Many people who are asked to take minutes are not at all sure exactly what is expected. This course will help you write informative, useful minutes, conveying accurate information in the most appropriate format. Your minutes can then be easily understood, recorded, and used for reference.

Program content:

● Know who should and who should not take the minutes
● Understand what to note and what to leave out
● Work with your chairperson, and know what to expect of participants
● Clarify meeting objectives
● Help prepare an effective agenda
● Learn to write and listen at the same time
● Know what has to be recorded word-by-word
● Use memory supports
● Employ an effective minute-taking template
● Distribute the minutes correctly and on time

Of interest to:

This workshop will be helpful to anyone who organizes meetings or who is expected to take minutes or notes in any kind of meeting. To test their application of the principles on the job, participants may send documents to the workshop leader for review after the course.



  • Unaware of preparation needed for effective note-taking
  • Not having an effective agenda
  • Trying to record everything and failing
  • Unable to record motions correctly


  • Having a step-by-step preparation process
  • Able to clarify objective and set a useful agenda
  • Able to summarize discussions and capture decisions
  • Recording motions word for word


“From what I have learned in the course, I will use all of the skills in the months ahead. The course was practical and the facility was great. I will be recommending this course for my staff in the next year.”
“The facilitator was prepared and professional. He understands the key concepts and relayed them to the participants very well.”
– Participants in course offered by Nova Scotia Public Service Commission February 2013