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Enhance Your Developmental Intelligence by Working with your Memory

Whether you want to improve your ability to remember names or to learn another language, improve your knowledge of a certain subject or learn to play a musical instrument, the following four steps are essential. Attention and Interest will get the information into your short-term memory. Repetition will get it into your long-term memory, but if you link the Repetition with Organization, you will be able to retrieve or reproduce the information when you need it.


  • Pay close attention to whatever you want to remember.
  • Observe it closely. Take in the details.
  • Look away and see if you can describe it. Look back again and review the details.
  • Focusing your attention on exactly what you want to remember is crucial.


  • Remind yourself of your interest in the information.
  • It may be helpful to remind yourself of the benefits of learning the new skill.


  • Neurons that fire together, wire together.
  • Find as many ways as you can think of to repeat the information or the new activity as often as you can.
  • Associating and linking new information or activity with something that is already well established in your memory will also help.


  • Information that goes into your memory in an organized form is much easier to recall.
  • By building “cues” into stored information, you will find retrieval is simpler than you thought.
  • Use a systematic approach.
  • Memorize those items that are worth the effort and use excellent memory support systems like to-do lists, databases, mind maps, and calendars for everything else.

How to Remember Names

Here is a technique to help you remember names. You need to pay attention to the sound of the name when the person is being introduced. Then, interest yourself in the person and intend to remember. Next, find ways to repeat the name to yourself while you visualize how you’ll link something in that person’s face to his or her name. Lastly, check that the link you’ve created will remind you of the name.

The mnemonic is HELLO. Click here to read how to apply this technique along with some examples.

Remember to keep enhancing your Developmental Intelligence!

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