Productivity Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Writing Skills

Instructor: Ute Fiedler

Foster a Growth Mindset

Why are Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, GAP, Microsoft, NASA, Sears, and 55 of the Fortune 1000 companies all fostering a growth mindset? Because now their employees ...
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Explore Our Unconscious Biases at Work

This workshop explores the challenges of working with people of diverse backgrounds. It empowers you to approach intercultural situations with knowledge, skills, and a positive ...
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Enhance Your Brain Power at Work

Our minds – how we regulate the flow of energy and information – can actually improve our brains. This course is based on rigorous science ...
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woman thinking

Build Your Rational Thinking Skills

Whenever you find yourself feeling stressed and caught in a negative thinking loop, you have been told to think positively. But when you try to ...
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