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Listen Actively for Potential

The greatest challenge to listening well is the fact that your mind works several times faster than a speaker speaks. You need a technique to quiet your immediate tendency to listen to your own thoughts, to your desire to question and/or to offer advice, rather than truly concentrating of what the speaker is saying.

Active listening offers immediate benefits. It not only ensures that you will gather better information, it reduces the risk of misunderstanding or offending the other person. It can also lead to greater productivity with fewer mistakes, better client satisfaction, and increased sharing of information that can lead to more creative and innovative work.

This half-day workshop will help you improve your interactions and communications with others by giving you specific, practical skills for enhancing listening effectiveness. These skills are particularly useful to those who give professional advice.

Many successful leaders and entrepreneurs credit their success to effective listening skills. Richard Branson frequently quotes listening as one of the main factors behind the success of the Virgin brand.

After this workshop you will be able to…

• Transform performance by helping employees think
• Engage yourself completely by listening for potential
• Paraphrase to help the speaker get to the heart of the issue
• Clarify current reality and explore alternatives
• Ask questions which draws out the speaker’s ability to decide
• Summarize until your speaker agrees that you have “got it”
• Help others to find their own solutions, while you become a better leader

Of interest to…

This workshop will provide excellent tips and techniques for anybody who needs to elicit accurate information from others, especially if those others are their employees, clients or family members.

This course is “laptop friendly”

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