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Read Productively and Remember Longer

At work today, the constant, sometimes overwhelming, flow of printed information requires specific techniques and skills. This course teaches you to concentrate fully on what you are reading at work and be able to remember the key information for weeks.

By learning Productive Reading, you will be able to adjust your speed to suit your purpose in reading and finish the document much faster. Before, during, and after reading, you can use efficient Memory Techniques to ensure you have captured the key information in a way that you can understand and remember for as long as you need to.

You will learn how to work more effectively WITH your powerful brain and enhance your thinking, concentration, and memory skills.

After this course, you will be able to…

  • Read 50-100% faster with good comprehension
  • Understand how to concentrate fully to meet your purpose
  • Make rapid, effective key-word notes
  • Get the crucial information from technical documents quickly and accurately
  • Understand how the brain remembers – the Three Levels of Memory
  • Use four steps to a dependable memory
  • Apply Mind Mapping to add to and draw from your fantastic long-term memory
  • Prevent short term memory overload
  • Be able to take a more effective approach to multitasking
  • Understand the effects of stress on memory
  • Know how to adapt the techniques to reading on a computer screen
  • Eliminate your backlog and keep up with the reading demands of your work or study

WHO WILL BENEFIT: People who are expected to keep up with a heavy reading load at work and who want to understand and work more effectively with their memories. It is particularly helpful for those who are holding down a job and studying at the same time, or for those who have a backlog of reading material.

Get More Power from Your Brain with
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The information included in this chapter of Get More Power from Your Brain is in order of effectiveness to get and keep your brain as healthy and productive as possible. The most important thing to understand about your brain is that it can continue to grow new neurons and dendrites throughout your life.

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