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Mental Health at Work

In January 2013, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), part of Health Canada, officially released Canada’s first national standard designed to help organizations and their employees improve workplace psychological health and safety.

The National Standard of Canada titled Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace – is a voluntary standard focused on promoting employees’ psychological health and preventing psychological harm due to workplace factors.

Mental illness has been calculated to cost the Canadian economy $51 billion annually and is a contributing factor for over 40% long-term disability claims. One in five people in Canada are likely to have at least one episode in their lifetime, most often between the ages of 18 and 65.

  • Understand how mental illness may show up in the workplace
  • Recognize possible psychological hazards in your workplace
  • Learn about the most common forms of mental illness: depression and/or anxiety disorder
  • Know the appropriate way to approach someone who may be depressed
  • Understand how to support a person during and after a period of depression
  • Be able to promote and protect the mental health of your employees

In this course you will learn to…

  • Enhance your understanding of a condition which affects one in five Canadians in their lifetime
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of employer and employee on this issue
  • Draw attention to the cost of tolerating workplace bullying
  • Recognize your valuable role as manager, not as therapist or diagnostician
  • Have an opportunity to discuss what works with your colleagues
  • Understand the role of perception and reality when coping with mental illness
  • Listen well, be accommodating, and agree on clear performance measures
  • Access additional resources and support

WHO WILL BENEFIT: Anyone who works with a variety of people in different situations, and who wants to enhance their own leadership skills and the productivity of their workplace. Anyone who is concerned about the psychological health and safety of their co-workers. Anyone who may have clients concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplaces.

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