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Foster a Growth Mindset

Why are Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, GAP, Microsoft, NASA, Sears, and 55 of the Fortune 1000 companies all fostering a growth mindset? Because now their employees worry less about looking clever and put more energy into improving their ability to contribute to the organization.

Many employees today have a mostly Fixed Mindset . This leads them to hide mistakes and fail to learn from them, remain stuck in doing things the usual way, and see change as a major threat. Fostering a Growth Mindset helps them to learn from and reduce mistakes, to welcome the chance to innovate, and to embrace change as an interesting challenge.

You can greatly improve your own communication and collaboration with your employees, your peers, and your manager using the knowledge and techniques from this course.

After this workshop you will be able to…

• Shift the focus from being good to getting better
• Use a collaborative conversation model to build trust
• Recognize the power of embracing challenge and persisting in the face of setbacks
• Enhance your own Growth Mindset and encourage it in others
• Listen actively to help people dig deep and tell you what they really think
• Understand that motivation comes from mastery

Of interest to…

Managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to improve their skills in developing others. Executives who want to combine the new knowledge from research on the brain and the mind with leadership and management development.

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