Write with Poise: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

If your writing contains grammatical and spelling errors, your reputation is damaged. When so many people now proofread their own writing, you can quickly go to the head of the pack if you can use the rules of grammar and punctuation skillfully.

This workshop will give you a systematic approach to ensuring that your writing is clear and accurate. Our approach includes clear explanations, demonstrations, and a variety of practice exercises. To test their implementation of the principles on-the-job, participants may send documents to the workshop leader for review after the course.

After this workshop, you will be able to…

  • Apply Canadian plain language principles
  • Make sure your documents are clear and concise
  • Cut the clutter out of writing
  • Prevent misplaced modifiers and poor subject/verb agreement
  • Cut out improper word usage and run-on sentences
  • Have confusables like affect, effect or imply, infer shown in a table for easy reference
  • Edit and proofread more quickly and accurately

Of interest to…

This program is aimed at anyone who would like a refresher to improve their confidence when cleaning up a document before it is distributed, whether it is your own writing or that of someone else. You will learn how to proofread a document so that it is not only grammatically correct, but also well punctuated, clear, and to the point.



Poor grammar, punctuation & spelling leads to

  • Reduction in professional reputation
  • Cluttered, unclear documents
  • Improper usage and run-on sentences
  • Confusion about the correct spelling of similar words


Polished grammar, punctuation, & spelling leads to

  • Enhanced professional reputation
  • Clear, concise, easy to read documents
  • Correct subject/verb agreement
  • Skillful use of words, sentences, and paragraphs


“Excellent! This was a perfect refresher course on grammar and writing tips that I really needed. Great little bite-sized segments in the way it’s presented.”
“Jon is very competent. He is very passionate about his work, and I loved hearing the history of written language. He made it easy to understand.”

– Participants at CPA Nova Scotia March 2019